Belize: A Tax-Totally free Paradise


About Belize

Belize, previously acknowledged as British Honduras, lies on the East coastline of Central The us in the coronary heart of the Caribbean Basin, bordering on Mexico to the North, Guatemala to the West and South, and flanked by the Caribbean Sea to the East. At 23,000 sq km, Belize is about 10 moments smaller sized than the Uk with a inhabitants of just under 330,000. The mains centres of inhabitants are Belize City, the capital, located on the coast, Belmopan in the country’s centre, and Corozal in the north, close to the border with Mexico. Just Divorce Family Mediation in Manchester

The climate is sub-tropical with a extremely nice yearly imply temperature of 26 degrees Celsius (79 levels Fahrenheit), and humidity is tempered by refreshing sea breezes. Belize is, on the other hand, positioned in the Caribbean hurricane zone the hurricane time ordinarily begins in June and lasts till November.

The cayes (pronounced keys), the offshore atolls, and the barrier reef are the key tourist attraction in Belize. The barrier reef, which is 185 miles extended, is the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. The cayes are islands and/or mangroves, that are located between the mainland and the barrier reef, on the barrier reef, and on or within the barrier reef perimeters of the offshore atolls.

The island cayes, which are distinguishable by their palm trees, provide excellent options for scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, boating, sailing, sailboarding, and sea kayaking, as effectively as habitat for the two nesting birds and turtles.

Belize is something of a racial and cultural melting pot. The ethnic make-up is roughly 50% Mestizo (people with equally European and Amerindian ancestry), 25% Creole (the descendants of African slaves and largely British foresters), 10% Maya (immediate descendants of the pre-colonial populace), 6% Garifuna (descendants of Carib, Arawak, and West African folks) and 9% other. The region is, having said that, racially harmonious, and while Christianity (both Catholicism and Protestantism) are the dominant religions, other religious beliefs are tolerated.

The British commenced to settle Belize in the 17th century, mainly in purchase to fell and export tropical hardwoods, significantly mahogany. After a very long time period of disputed ownership amongst Spain and England, Belize grew to become a British colony in 1871. The country turned self-governing in 1964 and the country’s name was altered from British Honduras to Belize in 1973.

As a consequence of Belize’s historical inbound links with Britain, English is the formal language (though Spanish, Creole, Garifuna and Mayan are widely spoken through the place) and the legal system is dependent on widespread regulation. These factors incorporate to make Belize a specially acceptable vacation spot for retirees from English-talking nations, in particular when it will come to acquiring residence, and it is no surprise that the nation has develop into home to a lot of British and American expats.

Economically, Belize has been historically dependent on sugar, but tourism now contributes considerably to GDP and there is a sizeable monetary companies field. Although the Belizean Governing administration has struggled to support high levels of sovereign credit card debt and refinanced its credit card debt inventory just prior to the fiscal disaster, the region is economically steady. A very long-running border dispute with neighbouring Guatemala apart (which was decided in favour of Belize by the UN in 1975), Belize is a tranquil region. Criminal offense, particularly gang-linked street criminal offense, is a problem, but this tends to be limited to particular components of Belize Town. There is a low menace from terrorism.

The currency of Belize is the Belizean Greenback (BZD) which is fastened from the US Dollar at a fee of BZD2 to USD1. Most hotels, resorts, dining places, and tour operators will acknowledge US currency, traveller’s cheques, or credit history playing cards. Even so, in Belize, be guaranteed which greenback you are spending in!

The Belize Capable Retired People Incentive Programme

The Retirement System in Belize was created especially for all those people today who want to stay in Belize and can confirm a long lasting and regular income from investment (overseas or in Belize), pension or other retirement positive aspects.

Programme Gains

The principal gain of the retirement programme is that it exempts capable retirees from the payment of all taxes and obligations on all profits from a supply outdoors of Belize regardless of whether that cash flow is generated from work carried out or from an investment.

An supplemental profit is that all folks who have been selected a Certified Retired Person are entitled, on initially moving into Belize, to import their personal outcomes and an “approved suggests of transportation” free of charge of all import responsibilities and taxes. An authorized indicates of transportation consists of a motor car or truck that is no more than 3 decades previous a gentle aircraft of a lot less than 17,000kg (while plane entrepreneurs are needed to hold a legitimate personal pilot’s licence) and any vessel that is used for personal reasons.

Programme Necessities and Software Process

Everyone 45 many years and more mature from any place in the environment can utilize to turn out to be a certified retiree. A person who qualifies can also involve his or her dependants in the program. Dependants incorporate spouses and small children beneath the age of 18. However, dependants aged up to 23 many years can be involved in an software if they are enrolled at a college.

Each individual application for the Retirement Plan will be processed by the Belize Tourism Board in collaboration with the Ministry of Countrywide Protection and the Division of Immigration and Nationality.

Folks interested in the plan have to post finished purposes to the Belize Tourism Board with the subsequent supporting documentation:

Birth Certification – A duplicate of a birth certification for the applicant and just about every dependent
Relationship Certificate – A marriage certification if married and the wife or husband is a dependent
Passport – Very clear copies of a full passport (together with all blank web pages) of the applicant and all dependants, accredited by a Notary Community. The copies will have to have the passport selection, name of principal, quantity of pages and the seal or stamp of the Notary General public.
Proof of Profits – An formal statement from a lender or financial establishment certifying that the applicant is the receiver of a pension or annuity of a minimum of USD2,000 per thirty day period and a economical assertion from a economic institution, bank, credit history union or constructing modern society in Belize certifying that the applicant’s expenditure or deposit will deliver a minimal of USD2,000 for every month or the equal of USD24,000 for each calendar year.
Healthcare Evaluation – Candidates must undergo a comprehensive clinical examination together with an AIDS exam. A copy of the health-related certificate should be hooked up to the software.
Photos – Four entrance and 4-side passport size photographs that have been taken not long ago of the applicant and every dependent.

Profits Requirements

As described above, the applicant have to be capable to reveal that they are in receipt of regular monthly revenue of not considerably less than USD2,000, and this ought to be derived from a pension or annuity created exterior of Belize. There are also a amount of certification necessities, including that:

When a enterprise grants a pension, that corporation has to prove that it has been in procedure for at minimum 20 many years by publishing evidence of registration
The business that grants the pension shall certify that the pension of no a lot less than USD2,000 per month will be forwarded to a reputable fiscal establishment inside Belize. This letter ought to be signed by the manager, president or by a authorized representative of the enterprise
The corporation paying out the pension will have to be certified by a Licensed Public Accountant unbiased of the enterprise. This will have to verify the day the corporation was recognized and the authenticity of the over stated letter. It should also certify that the obligation signed in favour of the beneficiary is of no considerably less than USD2,000 for every month
The applicant will have to current two bank references from the firm that is sending the pension and
The corporation granting the pension must current a doc outlining its pension scheme.
If, nevertheless, the company sending the pension profits is considered to be a Fortune 500 corporation, they could be exempted from 2nd, 3rd and fourth demands of the earlier mentioned record.

All apps are subject matter to a background check to be carried out by the Ministry of Countrywide Safety.


A non-refundable price of USD150 need to be submitted with the software. An further rate of USD1,000 is due on acceptance into the retirement programme. There is also a USD2,000 fee for the issue of a Capable Retired Human being Residency Card. A payment of USD750 is because of for each and every dependent acknowledged below the programme. All these charges are payable to the Belize Tourism Board and can be paid out in income (US dollars), a US banker’s draft or US cashier’s test.

More Details

Further details about Belize’s retirement programme, as well as other incentives created to draw in overseas traders to the country’s shores, can be observed on the web-site of the Belize Ministry of Tourism and Tradition.


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