Educational Background Of Supply Chain Training And Management


Some facts about Careers in Supply Chain Management

The first post that a person with supply chain management training can hold is assistant purchasing agent, assistant buyer, and inventory clerk. After some years’ experience and advanced training certificate, you can be promoted to the post of the traffic manager, materials manager, procurement specialist and purchasing analyst. Leadership qualities may require for the roles of contracts and procurement director, strategic planning director, and vice president of this management.

Educational background required for Supply Chain Management Posts

Many people want a growing career in this management training have an undergraduate degree in economics, business or engineering. A person with a great interest in this field can also earn a degree in business administration with an importance in purchasing or supply chain management. Irrespective of the undergraduate degree field they’ve studied. Most common bachelors’ degrees holders come to this field are from economics, manufacturing, logistics, operations management, and statistics.

Small organizations may consider a high school diploma for the basic posts like purchasing clerks, sales trainees or assistant buyers, but bigger organizations like manufacturing firms generally require formal training and an advanced college degree in this field and management in their hiring carry out. According to an official report, a master’s degree may be essential for advancement to the higher level posts.

Information for Supply Chain Management Education and Certificate

It is not a necessity but, professional certification may help a person’s further advancement in supply chain training and management career. Many courses online and offline offers the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) title to individuals who can establish minimum three years of full-time experience in professional supply management positions and who hold a recognized undergraduate degree. Candidates for this management courses are also needed to qualify three written exams including the foundations of supply management, the theories of effective supply management and leadership principles.

Topics included in Supply chain management courses

The Degree courses in this management course generally include multiple topics, covering operations management, marketing, leadership, human resources, and business technology. Such as:

  • Accounting
  • Expert finances
  • Proficient logistics
  • Inventory control
  • Quality control
  • Global business

Career Choices

The supply chain training and management courses offer graduates with several career choices. Some jobs demand broad traveling and some other jobs in this field often demand professionals to work hard often long hours, including night shift and weekends.

Companies in this field, mainly product purchasing and managing, may want to employ applicants with undergraduate degrees or those with graduate degrees for higher or management-level posts. Bachelor’s and master’s degree courses generally offered as part of a business program or within a business college are available in the field of supply chain management, and logistics.


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