NLP Sales Magic – Kiss Your Assets Into Action!


Sales Magic – I use the term magic because of the mystical effects that can happen within an interaction between two people and most importantly… within yourself!

In NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) we refer to the “Magic” to be the very structure and experience of excellence! Because anytime anyone does something in a superb and wonderful way; from learning, decision making, being motivated, staying confident, taking daily action, building relationships, creating wealth, making sales, etc., we know that that experience has structure and/or a process and that we can learn and replicate or model that magical behavior.

You’ll be learning the “Magic” that happens between two individuals before, during and after a transaction occurs! Specifically, the psychology of how to prepare your mindset, set your objectives, align beliefs with their intentions, discover motivation triggers, utilize hypnotic language patterns to then influence their buying decisions.

If you, like me, are like most hungry and driven successful individuals this will probably ONE of the many audio programs you’ve listened to during the course of your career to learn, develop and achieve personal as well as financial success. There is so much potentially wonderful information and programs out there, but how much of what you listen to do you actually absorb? Because I’ve listened to thousands of great audio programs, and could not possible remember everything in each program. I made a decision that I’d focus my attention and learn the ONE over-arching concept with each CD or book I read. So that’s how I decided to organize this series, with one simple and easy to learn idea and in a sequential fashion so you’ll build upon what you previously learned AND how to immediately apply each one. Because each episode is built from only ONE concept you’ll be able to more easily understand why and how it works, and when you can apply it immediately in the real world.

The one thing I’ve learned from assisting and coaching individuals, athletes, CEO’s to speaking to Fortune 500 organizations AND also leading 12-day NLP certification training programs all over this great nation is that is takes an exceptional amount of commitment to achieve excellence. There is, I believe only two things which propagate success; #1 – knowing exactly what it is you want, and #2 – is learning to get out of your own way! I say this with tongue-in-cheek but thoroughly mean it! In order influence ANYONE you must be able to influence yourself FIRST! And sometimes that means getting YOU right first!

“Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe.” – Winston Churchill

So I promise you that what you’ll receive within the few precious minutes we’ll spend together will be the very best information on the psychology of sales and influence… though in order to fully reap the rewards these exceptional concepts and strategies give you, YOU MUST COMMIT to doing the work necessary. Remember building muscle doesn’t take just attending the gym one time. Repetition is the mother of all skill!

Try something with me, imagine for yourself, the benefits/results you’ll receive when you learn this information at a deeper level than you have in the past, and NOT just listening to each episode, but DEAVORING them, at least three times. Listen the first time for recognition, the second time for an understanding and the third time for competency!

“Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on earth to do with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.” – Vincent Van Gogh

This series is not for the Get Rich Quick character. There are no quick answers or techniques that will bring you instant results, It takes commitment and effort on your part to LEARN what works AND what doesn’t. Most people in life trying to create real wealth REACT to their circumstances, rather than respond. As Dr. Wayne Dyer asks – Do you RESPOND with ability – it’s called responsibility! Listening, learning and growing in your knowledge about yourself and others. And if you’re serious, and I believe you are if you’re listening to this program, allow me to be your coach, the one that can hold you accountable to your learning and becoming a success. My hope is that you’ll email me questions or call my office directly if you’re truly interested in producing RESULTS! We have many opportunities to help you succeed, from executive phone coaching, keynote speeches, half & full-day workshops for your business or one of our most effective programs is our “Performance Package.” It’s an corporate culture diagnosis, employee assessment survey and then a performance enhancement workshop to drive the results through the roof. If you’re interested in any of our products or services please call our office and lets discuss any options… 888 NLP-Coach

Some of the major concepts will be discussing in later episodes will be:

1. Setting YOUR goals for RESULTS!
2. NLP’s ultimate success formula
3. Attitude; your FIRST impression!
4. Relationships the key lasting business!
5. Your environment; Does yours OOZE with success?
6. Beliefs & Values; what’s DRIVES their behavior!
7. States, emotions & the feeling of REJECTION!
8. Language; it REPELS them or COMPELLS them!
9. VM, texts & leaving messages; do you sound like they NEED you?
10. Anchors! Triggers for stimulating action!
11. AND, advanced selling skills – Putting it all into ACTION!

Because I believe you’re motivated and focused, you may have noticed a central theme that runs through-out this series. It’s the concept of – Like, Trust, Buy! It’s all about creating and building an atmosphere of trust and likeability. Look, you wouldn’t be listening to this series if you weren’t at some level, a success in your own rights. So this information won’t be about techniques of how to close clients, it’ll be about HOW TO PREPARE your mindset, and influence yourself to DO what you already know what to do with clients for increased success. IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU!

Because our time together is important to you, I’d like you to begin to consider a Mission statement for yourself and your business. What central theme runs through YOU? Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best – “You become what you think about all day long!” What do you want your customers and business associates to say and remember about YOU?

What are your RULES for you and your business? So here’s your task for this week;
1 – Write out a mission statement or a simple set of rules that govern you and your business ethics!

I’ll tell you MY rules for myself and my business;
#1 – I must help people
#2 – I must create an income, produce value
#3 – I must have FUN doing it

You see, your RULES, or let’s call them values, are what’s most important to you. These values filter information coming into your neurology/nervous system through what you see, hear and feel coming in from your environment. We are constantly filtering millions of bits of information all day long. So choose your rules or what you’re filtering wisely. Begin to recite them, use them every day until you make them habit. Your habits!

Last thing before you go out into the world with a new perspective of your success… What’s it seriously going to take to KICK YOUR ASSETS INTO ACTION? You know no one will do it for you. There’s no one person out there that will give you ALL the answers. Not any one book, CD program, seminar, or podcast (and believe me I’ve read and done them all. I’ve done all the work for you.) This series, can be, a goldmine of information that’s designed to further your abilities and knowledge if you continue your education in learning about WHAT truly motivates people to buy! So then YOU CAN reap the benefits and fill your mental bank as well as your financial bank from what produces RESULTS!


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