Solar PV Panels: A Green Investment for Your Home

Are you under the impression that solar energy only works in sunny climes and hot countries? If so, think again. The use of solar power in many countries not normally renowned for having sunny climates is becoming more and more popular. In the United Kingdom for example, a grey northern European country for much of the year, photovoltaic (PV) energy installations are popping up all over the country on the roofs of private houses. The reason for this rise in popularity is the ability of PV systems to be more than just a way of establishing some green credentials and allowing householders to contribute to renewable energy production.

PV installations make sound financial sense. In these early days of the technology and a social climate that actively encourages the use of renewable energy, there’s money to be made on every installation. The UK has a feed-in tariff arrangement, also called the Clean Energy Cash Back Scheme, that allows householders to have their solar energy installation connected to the national power grid, earning money for the householder and contributing to the national electrical base-load. The UK is not alone in such a forward-thinking approach though. Similar feed-in schemes can be found in Spain, Australia, Germany and some states within the USA.

Photovoltaic systems can be expensive though, with payback periods as long as 10 to 15 years depending upon the system and installer you use, but with system lifetimes expected to exceed 30 years from some manufacturers there’s a definite case for investment in your home and in the environment as a long term earning opportunity. Many people are considering the earnings as a contribution to their pension arrangements and looking at the investment as worthwhile in the short term even if only to reduce their monthly electricity costs.

The amount you can earn will clearly depend upon a number of factors, including how much power your system will generate and how much of that power you use at home.

If you think PV could be an investment for your home, look for your local installers who will be able to advise you on whether your home is suitable, what systems might prove the best for you and what the earning possibilities are in your area. There are a great many resources on the web nowadays that will allow you to read about the technology and how it might be used in your area, so find out more now and you can have an informed discussion with any installers you contact for prices.

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