The Joy of Ageing by PV Ramamurti – Ebook Overview


The Joy of Growing older by Prof PV Ramamurti. Released by the Dept of Psychology, SV College, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh India. 2009

This significant addition to the field of Psycho-social Gerontology was introduced in December 2008. Permit us acquire a rapid pre-check out on its contents:

The 1st chapter sets the circumstance, by ending the chapter with the central educating of the entire book: “Training optimistic pondering and building it an all time pattern is the essential to maintain psychological and actual physical health.” Chapter two gives studies about older folks in India and the earth. Upcoming chapter discounts with adjustments in the human body capabilities as we age. All programs – Cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular-skeletal, digestive, excretory, reproductive, sense organs (like skin, eyes, ears, taste, odor) are lined. Chapter 4 deals with elements foremost to fantastic overall health like hygiene, surroundings, air flow amongst other individuals. Many hints are delivered for diet in old age in the subsequent chapter. “Holding healthy” talks of Yoga Workouts and what not? Chapter 7 describes living arrangements for the aged, this sort of as, dwelling with the spouse and children, living in previous age residences, availing oneself of paid out care providers or working day treatment solutions. Standards for picking many forms of remain are spelled out. A different critical component, Income, is talked about in chapter 8. Right here, savings, pension, revenue technology activities and charge of preserving health and fitness are taken up.

Managing Leisure, handling disabilities of aged age and building an fascination in spirituality are explained in subsequent chapters. A self evaluation Scale for evaluating actual physical disability in Chapter 11 is quite useful. It is uncomplicated and uncomplicated to use. Exceptional recommendations are made available for preserving interpersonal relations: this chapter specially addresses weaknesses of more mature people and displays how to tackle ageism problems. The most essential chapter, chap 13, “constructing a joyful frame of mind, explains Trigunas of assumed and how to make Satvik kind of contemplating a long term way of daily life. Treatment and welfare of older persons will come next. Legal rights and duties of senior citizens, Nationwide plan directives are listed. The very last chapter Epilogue re-emphasizes how acquiring a permanent optimistic mentality is unquestionably critical to love previous age.

As a kind of lagniappe creator adds a sequence of five Top rated ten listings:

o Top ten Commandments for Delighted Growing older
o Ten Recommendations for improved overall health in outdated age
o Desirable food stuff behavior in Outdated age
o Tips to reduce falls in Previous age
o How the Aged can be asset to the family members

I like this ebook mainly because

o The chapters are brief and the remedy is very simple and lucid
o You may perhaps pick up any chapter and get started examining with no getting rid of connectivity
o Cartoons by Lova Raju, sprinkled throughout the book, provoke a smile – something the author needs you to do ever so generally
o It delivers sane reasonable straight forward data / tips/ assistance on several facets of ageing and displays the way to age happily
o It renders itself quick for mild reading through on a really serious issue
o It comes from the pen of Prof PV Ramamurti, an erudite scholar on Indian Gerontology

Get the e-book, browse for oneself and you will not be dissatisfied.


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